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Our Instruction

Roseleaf Academy features three comprehensive Curricular Program tracks for accelerated students: The Foundations Track, The Intermediate Track, and the Capstone Track. [Read More]

Our Principles

We believe that an all girls' school provides an opportunity for girls to recognize and develop their gifts in an environment designed to help them reach their potential. [Read More]

Our Mission

The mission of Roseleaf Academy is to equip and empower middle school girls for the future during a pivotal time in their lives.


Welcome to Roseleaf Academy—the only girls’ school in Eastern North Carolina. We are an innovative learning community that puts girls front and center and challenges them to pursue rigorous studies; take risks; strive for excellence; immerse themselves in math and science; explore the arts; put pen to paper and express themselves; find their unique voice; and develop a life-long love of learning.

Roseleaf Academy believes that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Humanities classes are equally important, particularly in developing well-rounded young ladies prepared to take their place in an ever-changing global society. Roseleaf’s unique Applied A+STEM Lab (STEM plus the Arts) provides excellent opportunities for girls to make real-life connections between student learning and real-world applications.